Friday, April 24, 2009

How to handle children in my bookstore

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

xavier-bookstore.jpgI have run my Xavier bookstore for two years now. It is located near for elementary schools. Every time the school is over, a lot of children will enter my bookstore and walk around alleyways of the bookshelves. These school students are interested in buying some school supplies, comics and textbooks. They also like to play inside the bookstore. To minimize them from running and playing inside the bookstore, I provide a bookshelf where I put some children's magazine and books. I will ask them to read them instead of playing around inside the bookstore. If they only run around and play with books, I will tell them to play outside the bookstore. Providing free books and magazines is very effective method in preventing the children from running or playing inside the bookstore.

There are many adult books that are not suitable for children such as mature content, and university textbooks. These categories of books have to be placed far enough from children's books so that children will not pick them up. Mature content books have to be placed high enough on top shelves so that the children will not be able to reach them.

Parents like to ask their children to wait for them to pick them up at my bookstore. I really appreciate these parents' ideas. To attract parents to enter my bookstore, I give new book info brochures away to the children asking them to give them to their parents. The next day or two days, parents will come to buy some books. This is has been my strategy to handle the school children who like to enter my bookstore. They have the curiosity to encounter new things in their life. I have to appreciate them, providing free books and magazines which they can read inside the bookstore without having to pay.

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