Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Selling Original and Reproduction Paintings Side by Side

As a home based business owner I make money by selling books, blogging, and selling paintings. The paintings are sold in their original forms, in postcards, bookmarks and in smaller size reproductions. I like painting and drawing. The themes are mostly about nature, architectural landscape and the sea and boats.


To attract art lovers, I hang the original and the reproduction paintings side by side. By putting them like that, potential buyers will choose the paintings that are affordable to them. As I have told you before, I also run a home based bookstore. So, the paintings are attached on the walls above the bookshelves. Book lovers can enjoy the natural beauty depicted in every painting and at the same time browse every bookshelf without any feeling of hurry.

Paintings from other artists are also displayed in my bookstore. But I sell them mostly in the form of bookmark because they are in the same stream of business as the books.

Now, how much do I make from running this home based bookstore and painting gallery? I make the most money from selling books and blogging. For paintings, I just started this month with small number of paintings. Most of my paintings still have not been framed. I will have to order frames or make them by myself before hanging them on the wall. Oh, I nearly forgot, I made Rp. 38 million rupiahs last month. It was the same as 3,800 US dollars. Home based business is very profitable if you know how to maximize your potentials. By Charles Roring. Also read: Expanding the Retail Operation to Internet Market;; Optimizing Your Product Display Shelf; Re-pricing strategy for school supplies merchandise in my bookstore

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