Thursday, April 8, 2010

Managing Xavier bookstore on case by case basis

Here in Xavier bookstore we apply simple method in managing our bookstore. We have reached between 30 million to 53 million rupiahs in monthly sales which is quite high for a small bookstore in Indonesia. To help us with the administration works, we use microsoft office programs such as Excel 2007 and Point of Sales software that is operated using Microsoft Access 2007. This Simple Biz Point of Sales (POS) is produced by a software company in Bali for small retailers. The management of the bookstore is based on these two important softwares but we also print daily sales records to back up our inventory and sales data.
For handling inquiry from customers, we provide a form where they can fill in the titles, the authors and the publishers of the books which they are looking for. We will ask our suppliers in Java whether the books that our customers have asked for  are available or not.

How much is the profit margin that we charge on each book that we sell?
Well, we have a cooperation with a discount bookstore in Surabaya where we order most of our books. The bookstore gives us 15% to 30% discounts depending on each title of the books that we buy from them. There are books that are sold by our supplier without any discounts. All these books need to be shipped to Xavier bookstore that is located in Manokwari city of Papua. The shipping cost is around 10% of the total cost of the books. It means that when they arrive in our bookstore, we need to mark up the price of the books up to 30% to 40% to cover for the telecommunication cost, shipping cost, and loan interest which the bank charges to us.
Well, there is no standard manual for managing a bookstore that we follow. We develop and manage our bookstore on case by case basis. We can standardize it later but at the moment, we have not written any standards for our Xavier bookstore.
Our efforts to increase sales - Because our Xavier bookstore is only a small bookstore in town, we don't spend a lot of money on advertisement on newspaper and radio. We emphasize our attention on distributing new book info in the form of brochures where people can get easily. The brochures are printed using Canon inject printer Pixma ip 1200 and then placed in several places in this town.

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