Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book categories in Xavier bookstore

Xavier bookstore sell books about Christianity but we also sell books on such categories as computer, university textbooks, popular health, business, management, law and politics. We also provide books in limited number for other religion particularly on titles that encourage inter-faith dialogue or discourse on more contemporary issues such as cultural tradition, women, and medical matters. Our customers are from elementary school up to university students and from farmers to businessmen.
In addition to selling books, we provide art supplies and school supplies. Some office supply merchandise are also being offered in Xavier bookstore. To support local artists, the walls of the Xavier bookstore have been decorated with drawings created by Papuan artists.
Xavier bookstore of Manokwari does not have any chain connection with other bookstore around the world that also use Xavier as their name. We might share the same spirit and mission from Saint Francis Xavier but we have separate management system. Managing a bookstore is similar to managing a retail enterprise. We do our best to meet the various demand of our customers by providing books that are high in quality yet affordable in price. For us price should be affordable but the cleanliness and neatness of a bookstore of the bookstore are two important factors in creating a comfortable environment for book lovers to get a good shopping experience in Xavier bookstore.
As a retail store that provides books to general public in Manokwari city, we do face competition which we see as opportunities to improve our service and to provide books that are more varied in titles and numbers.
To serve people from other islands of the country, we provide an online bookshop which internet users can visit at The presentation of the bookstore is given in a blog format to enable visitors to browse and search for titles that they are looking for. We haven't provided the e-commerce shopping cart solution because we know that in Indonesia, online transaction using credit card is still difficult to be conducted. Most online bookstores serve their customers through direct bank transfer.
We may adapt to market demand in the future if the platform for a secure credit card transaction has been provided in Indonesia by launching an e-commerce shopping cart technology for our online bookshop.
For the present time, all online book orders are still processed via email, sms and bank transfer. by Charles Roring

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