Friday, June 4, 2010

How many shelves do I need for my bookstore?

The number of shelves that you need for your bookstore depends on the number of books and the categories which you want to provide. When you place the books on the shelves the front cover or face of the books have to be visible to enable the customers see the title of the books.
When managing a bookstore, bookshelves are arranged in rows according to the categories. For instance, the categories of management, accounting, and economics should be grouped in adjacent shelves whereas the book categories of law and politics should be placed side by side. It is important to buy bookshelves that will support or bear the whole surface of the back cover of the books to avoid the books to be buckled. Bookshelf design is an important criteria when you want to buy them.
Bookshelves manufacturer usually provide their products that are made of wood, aluminum or plastic. Wooden bookshelves are good but they need more spaces. Aluminum bookshelves are light but they should be painted white, or gray or other soft colors.
As the owner of a bookstore, I often rotate the placement of the books in order to create new shopping environment for the customers. Sometimes products other than books are offered in my bookstore but they should be relevant with the core business of the bookstore. Products such as school supplies and office supplies are still relevant. It is weird if you put groceries in the bookstore isn't it? by Charles Roring

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