Sunday, June 6, 2010

Standard Operational Procedure for Cleaning Dusty Bookshelves in a Bookstore

Regular cleaning of bookshelves is an important part of managing a bookstore. Dusty bookshelves will look dirty and make the books placed on them dirty. When book lovers stand in front of dirty bookshelves, they will not be interested in exploring every shelf to find the books that they want to read. They might pick up one or two books but when they find out that the surface of the book's cover is dirty with dust, they will put it back on the shelf again and walk out of the bookstore. To prevent it from happening to my bookstore, I regularly clean the bookshelves. Cleaning bookshelves may look like a trivial thing to do but it is a regular activities that bookstore owner needs to do every day, particularly it the shop is located near a busy street. Bookstores that are located in tropical region cannot keep their windows shut due to high temperature and high humidity. Windows and doors have to be left opened during work hours to ensure smooth flow of air in and out of the bookstore building. With continuous air circulation in the bookstore, thin layers of dust form on all of the surface of the bookshelves, tile floor and window glasses. Here are the standard procedure that I compose based on my personal experience in cleaning my bookshelves from dust.
  • First, remove the books from the shelf that we are going to clean. Starting from the top shelf. Usually, the books, are taken one by one and put on the lower shelf without changing their sequential order.
  • Second step, use a wet or damp cloth and wipe the surface of the bookshelf. After the first wipe, wash the cloth and wring it out again for doing the second wipe. When the whole flat surface of the shelf has been cleaned, the next cleaning is the corner of the bookshelf or the smaller areas where wiping is a little more difficult.
  • Third, leave the shelf to dry for around three to five minutes. After that clean the remaining dust or small hair still left on the surface of the bookshelf using a duster.
  • Fourth, after the bookshelf has been cleaned, return the books to their original places or sequential order. 
A clean bookshelf will look more attractive and be more appealing to book lovers. Clean your bookshelves regularly and arrange your books neatly to increase the revenue of your bookstore in no time.

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