Friday, September 17, 2010

Bookstore owner educational background

I have just read on the feedjit live that someone typed, "educational background of a bookstore owner" in search engine google and arrived in this blog. Well, to answer that question, I will ask whether there is a school, I mean a study program in a university that deals with bookstore management or simply how to manage a bookstore. You will find that most of the universities do not have such specific study programs. There are special program for people who want to work as librarians but there are not any program about bookstore management although you can see that there are tens or hundreds of thousands of bookstores around the world.
There are no restrictions to anybody who wants to have or run his/her own bookstores. Similar to other retail businesses, the owners must have adequate knowledge of shop or retail management. So, if you want to have your own bookstore, you need to study retail management. You can attend a special course which is usually provided by economic schools or if you are not interested in going to campus anymore, you just buy a book about retail management and begin your long journey to be an entrepreneur in book business.
Besides learning the retail management, you need to be a manageable person. You need to manage yourself. Bookstore business is a serious business. It can be a complicated enterprise that employ tens up to hundreds of employees that handle tens of thousands of book titles. If you can manage yourself based on time management and result oriented target then you are most probably right in choosing bookselling business as your lifelong career. Even you are a person who likes reading, you might not be a right person for running a bookstore. Bookstore is a business. It involves a lot of activities from analyzing the needs of customers for books to order them from suppliers and to arrange them on the display bookshelves.
You don't have to be a computer programmer when you build the database of your bookstore. This can be done easily by using special retail software which combines such functions as inventory control and point of sales. Yet you need to know how to use such software so that you can use it to run or operate the bookstore smoothly. Database software plays vital role in the success or failure of your bookstore. Bad database system means bad management. So, study carefully the retail software that is suitable to your bookstore and run it according to a good retail management principles.
In addition to adequate knowledge in computer database that is related to bookselling business, a bookstore owner needs to be a good manager. Someone who can manage other people towards a common goal which is to created profit, develop or enlarge the business and improve the welfare of all the employees. Another goal is participating in the society as provider of information and knowledge that is valueable in improving the quality of education and the standard of living of the community where your bookstore is located.
If your educational background is law, or engineering, you are eligible to enter bookstore business as long as you are willing to study this trade. by Charles Roring

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