Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to make my bookstore different

The above title is a simple question but bookstore owners have to answer it through actions - not spoken words. Well, running a successful bookstore business entails a lot of works. Whether your retail business is online or brick and mortar or even the combination of them, you need to continuously improve your service. Try to promote your bookstore to every potential customer. How? Print brochures containing newly arrived books and give them away to people who come to your bookstore. Send them to your friends and colleagues. Don't be shy to introduce your book selling business to everybody you meet every day.
Quality of the books show the quality of your bookstore
If you want people to come to your bookstore, you need to sell books that they really need. Analyze the demographic background of your town or city. How many elementary schools are there? How many high schools? Is there university in your town? What are the study programs available. Supply the books that are suitable for the educational needs of the town dwellers
Clean your bookstore every day
If you receive tens of people every day in your bookstore, don't forget to sweep the floor of your bookstore regularly. I run a home based bookstore and I know that cleanliness is very important. I sweep the floor at least twice a day. Don't forget that it is not only the floor that you need to clean, the parking lot has to be cleaned too. The walls of the bookstore and fence have to be free of graffiti. If you see any bad words on the walls clean them. Repaint the walls and the fence of your bookstore so that they look brighter and more attractive.
Indoor lighting
Small words in the books are difficult to be read by older people. Provide good lighting so in your bookstore so that they will be able to browse and choose the books that they want. The lamps that you install in your bookstore have to be bright enough to enable customer read the books well before deciding to buy them. Bright lamps should be the energy efficient ones so that you will not be burdened by monthly high electricity bill.
Rearrange books in the bookshelves
I have explained this matter several times but I will emphasize again here that the books that you put on the shelves should be neatly arranged according to their respective categories. Books for health must not be mixed with books about computer. And books about religion should not be mixed with books under the category of business and entrepreneurship.
Look carefully at the flow of people moving around your bookstore. If they are clogged in a certain corner, try to rearrange the layout of the bookstore so that it will be easier for them to go through between the bookshelves.  Well, these are my tips for to day. Next time I will write more about how to run a successful bookselling business.
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