Sunday, September 19, 2010

Managing a bookstore the difficult part

Someone type a phrase "the difficult part in managing the bookstore." To answer this question I will devide the management of bookstore in to four topics of attention
The MerchandiseBookstore sells books and school supplies. That's what we know about. In one bookstore, there are tens of thousands of book titles. The title of books are more diverse than the kinds of merchandise that you usually see in the supermarket. If you don't know how to group them then your customers will face difficulties in finding books that they are looking for. So, you need to separate books about economics from the books about house design and books about health from books about computer. Book categories are the right keyword for this. And every category of books must have its own bookshelves. When customers enter your bookstore and find that the books have been orderly arranged according to such categories as school textbooks, religion, fiction, and law, they will enjoy shopping in your bookstore. They will not get headache when trying to find certain titles because they will know the most likely location for the books that they need. If the title of the book is How to start, run and maintain a home business then the exact location of the book will be in the category of economics or entrepreneurship. To organize tens of thousands of titles of books, you will definitely need a computer software. Microsoft Excel or Access and other software that are similar to them are highly recommended.
Building of the BookstoreThe building where your bookstore is running should clearly show to the people that it is a bookstore. You need to install a big name plank which says that it is a bookstore that people pass by. Because the number of customers who enter the bookstore can be as low as ten (for every small bookshop) to as high as ten thousand (to a super large bookstore), bookstore owner needs to ensure that the flow of the movement of the customers walking around inside the bookstore has to be as smooth as possible. With hundreds to thousands of people enter your bookstore every day, cleanliness is a must. In addition, the structure of the building should be strong enough to support the books and their bookshelves as well as the people who move around inside it. 
People who run the bookstore
The success of the operation of a bookstore lies in the people who manage and run it. From the bookstore owner to staff who work near the bookshelves, the operation of the bookstore depend on them. Every employee must have a clear job description. He or she must work synergitically with other employees to serve the customers and to manage the bookstore well. Manager of a bookstore has to be a person that can manage and delegate certain tasks in every level of bookstore operation to the right persons.
Database Management System and Administrative Works
Database is the heart of a business. A well managed database ensures that a business is also properly managed. Therefore, the staff who has been appointed to sit in that position must have excellent knowledge about how the database of a bookstore should be developed, managed or maintained. In addition to a sound database management system, the administrative works of a bookstore should be given the same attention and priority. Most often bookstore owner does not see administrative works as not as important as marketing and selling. Correspondence with book suppliers and small independent publishers are important to build a trustable partnership with all of the people who are involved in book writing, book publishing and book selling.
There are still a lot of things that we can discuss about bookstore management, the above four topics of attention are a good overview for those who want to set up and run their own bookstore. by Charles Roring

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