Friday, October 22, 2010

Bookstore Management Software

The software for bookstore management that I use to run my bookstore are divided into a number of categories such as for word processing, database management, and spreadsheet. The bookstore management system will be better if it is implemented or run with computer software.
Word processing software for bookstore
Word processing software that I usually use are Microsoft Word. This is used to write letters, order books by fax machine or print announcements and book categories and big price labels on each bookshelves.
For writing articles on this blog, I use notepad. This is the simplest text editor which is free of any html or javascript code. When I am writing this post, the notepad does not such features as align text right, left or justify which are usually found in most of the word processing softwares.
Spreadsheet software for bookstore
Microsoft Excel is the software that I always use when doing the budget calculation. It is easy to use. The budget for the books that will be ordered from suppliers in Java needs to be arranged and calculated using Excel. The columns will consist of such entries as No, Titles of the books, retail price (in Java), discounted price given by publisher or supplier, the number or quantity of books that are ordered and finally the total cost of the books including the shipping cost. Excel will perform the calculation in no time when all the unit price of the books and the shipping cost is entered in every cell.
Microsoft Excell is also needed to print the price labels of the books before they are placed on the bookshelves using simple feature of the program i.e., mail merge
Point of Sale and Inventory System
POS and Inventory Control Software. This is one of the most important computer softwares that every bookstore must have. The software that I use in my stand alone deskstop is SimpleBiz. This software actually is not designed for bookstore but for small retailer. So, every retail store can use it. This POS and inventory control software has been developed by Bamboomedia, a software development company whose headquarter is in Bali, the most favorite tourist island in Indonesia. In the packaging box of the software, it says that SimpleBiz was made in Microsoft Access. So, if your computer uses operating system and database management software other than Microsoft Windows and Access then it will most likely that you cannot use Simplebiz. Simplebiz is very cheap. I bought it for only 42,000 (or around 4.6 US dollars if calculated based on the current exchange rate of 9,000 rupiahs per 1 US dollar). Because I bought it directly from Bamboomedia online shop, I had to pay some shipping cost. In total this Simplebiz POS and Inventory Control software was only less than 8 US dollars.
Software for Online Bookstore Management
Because I also sell the books via my online store, I need a number of software for that business. I don't use shopping cart software such as VPASP, Zencart, OS commerce and other e-commerce softwares which most retailers use for running their online shops. I only use It is free and it is a blogging platform software. To upload the posts which contain the such information as the Titles of the Books, the Thicknesses of the Books, the Synopses of the books, the Sizes of the books and the weights of the books; I use blogdesk. Before that I use Zoundry Raven. This is a blog editing software which is available for free on the internet. When somebody on the internet orders a book, his or her order will be sent to an email address which will be downloaded using Microsoft outlook or Windows Mail
Except for the SimpleBiz software that I described above, bookstore owners can use the equivalent sofwares for running their bookstore without having to spend large amount of money. have developed softwares that are quite stable and have features that we can use for free. Until now I haven't found any software that have specially been designed for bookstore management. I hope that by reading this article, you can get some ideas who how a home based bookstore like mine is run and manage every day. by Charles Roring
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