Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bookstore Management System

Developing a bookstore management system is a continuous process. Every bookstore is unique and cannot be generalized into a uniform system. Bookstore managers may apply and integrated database point of sale and inventory control system but during its implementation customization often occurs.
I am not going to discuss how a bookstore should be managed because I have written some articles about it in my previous posts. What I want to say in this post is that a bookstore management system should be planned, implement and improved continuously. From the operational task on the store floor, to the ordering and selling of books, the system should help everybody involved in the running of the bookstore work together to reach the target profit.
We may say that a bookstore that is opened in a certain city or town has some mission such as helping college students to get the books that they want. But we must not forget that a bookstore is a retail business. If it cannot make profit then its management system has to be reviewed and improved.
Bookstore management software - The improvement can be in the field of supporting software that runs the whole retail operation of the bookstore or the replacement of store personnel with professionals who understand the operation of a bookstore. Software should be seen only as a tool. It cannot run if the staff of the bookstore is not well trained to use it. A well developed bookstore retail software can integrate a group of bookstores in a region.
In order to get a lot of customers, staff of a bookstore must have a system that can gather information about the title of the books which people need. Don't try to order the books which students or town dwellers do not really need. For example, a bookstore is opened in a coastal city. People will be interested in buying books about fishery, shipping or marine tourism. If the managers mistakenly sell too many titles of books about mountain climbing or skiing at the foot of Mount Everest, the revenue of the bookstore next month would be devastating. So, a good bookstore management system should have a mechanism where people can inform the staff of the bookstore about books which they really need.

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