Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bookstore Business Ethics

I have written articles related to bookstore business in this blog for several months now. In my previous writings, I discussed a lot of aspects about management, layout and the POS software or how to start an online bookstore. Today I want to say something about ethics. Running a bookstore, a manager or an owner must carefully decides the type of books which he or she will sell. Any books can be sold but what our readers will read will shape their minds or opinions for their whole life. The followings are the books that we MUST NOT sell if we really care about people or community where our bookstore exists:
  1. Books that encourage discrimination or hatred among people with different religious beliefs or ethnic backgrounds
  2. Books that teaches and encourage violence and terrorism
  3. Books about pornography
All bookstore owners must know that they have moral responsibility in presenting books that bring positive values to the community where they live. Books that we sell should bring hope, positive thinking, encourage entrepreneurialship, explore new science and technology for humanity, and books that are relevant to the education of children and youth. By applying such ethic principles in our business, we have given positive contribution both to our employees who work in our bookshop and to people who buy our books. by Charles Roring

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