Monday, February 14, 2011

Bookstore POS Cashier

If you run a bookstore you need to have at least one cashier machine to deal with customers who want to pay the books which they want to buy. Today, most of the bookstores whether brick and mortar or web-only retailers rely on bookstore POS software computers to do the transaction processes. Old cash machines that do not have database management capabilities are now things of the past. Sales persons who sit at the cashier desks are equipped with hand-held barcode scanning machines, and cash register machines or computers that have been installed with POS software system. With POS technology, the purchase transaction can be handled faster.
Although retail experts are now developing a shopping scheme where buyers can use wireless scanning devices to do the scanning process of the goods that they want to buy thus accelerating the buying process and reducing the number of people standing in line at a cashier counter, the deployment of such technology still faces some technical challenges. It seems that the practice of shop assistants doing the process of scanning the barcode will still dominate the brick and mortar retail format for more years to come.
For online bookstore, the transaction process is more automatic where web visitors directly interact with a bookstore's website that is powered with shopping cart software such as OS Commerce, ZenCart and VPASP. These shopping cart technologies are not expensive. They are even provided for free to anybody who has paid for an e-commerce website with a Fantastico feature.
If the brick and mortar retail bookstore is supported by POS software that is connected with central database system, the click and mortar bookstore or simply called online bookstore, is supported by e-commerce website that is connected with database (usually mySQL) that is stored in a web-server of a webhosting company. Owners of online bookstores do not need to turn on their computers to serve every customer who visits their websites at the same time. Most often, the e-commerce shopping cart software that is supported by mySQL database technology has to handle thousands of customers at the same time. For instance, Toko Buku Online Sapphire that is powered by ZenCart a free shopping cart software has to serve tens or even hundreds of web-visitors who order their preferred books simultaneously. If the transactions occur in a brick and mortal retail bookstore format, manager of the bookstore has to employ at least 10 staff with ten cashier machines to do the job. So, it is not surprising to see that bookstores around the world are now expanding their businesses into the internet. In the future, we will see more people shop online because they can do that while lying on their beds or sitting at the comfort of their couch watching their favorite TV shows. by Charles Roring

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That was really interesting to know and u have made it quite simple with good explanation.
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