Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bookstore POS Software

If you are now running a bookstore, you know that a good bookstore management software is important for your business. One of the softwares that you need to speed up the transaction process is POS software. POS stands for Point of Sale. Whether your bookstore is a small home based business or part of a large chain stores, you really need a simple yet powerful POS system. There are at least four features that a good POS software must possess to do its jobs for your bookshop:
  1. Captures information that is related to book purchase - When a customer takes some books from the shelves and bring them to cashier desk, a clerk who is handling the cash register machine or computer desktop installed with POS software system insert the product numbers (usually by scanning the barcode) of the books and then type the quantity of the books into the computer. POS software system records these information into the computer database and simultaneously do its other job as a calculator.
  2. Creates New Information - During the transaction process, the POS software creates new information such as the total amount of money which the customer has to pay. Perhaps the price of the books is 35 dollars and he or she pays it using a 50 US dollar bank note. The clerk has to enter the value of 50 into the cash register machine and the POS software will tell him that he has to pay 15 US dollars back to the buyer as change for the book purchase transaction.
  3. Conveys information - I have mentioned above that the POS software system that is running inside the cash register machine or the cashier's computer displays 15 US dollars as the amount of change that the clerk has to pay back to the customer. Such information is conveyed to the clerk (as an order entry specialist) in less than one second. At the time when he hits the enter button of the computer keyboard - after typing 50 US dollars, the POS software - as shop calculator - do its job telling him or her to pay 15 US dollars as change for the purchase. The display of such information on the computer screen as one of the ways which POS software can do to convey information. Another information can also be conveyed in printed form.
  4. Cradles the purchase transaction into the computer database - When doing its job as cash register and shop calculator for the bookstore, at the same time the POS software system stores the information of the book purchase transactions into the computer database updating the number of books (stocks) in inventory system.
At the end of the day, manager of the bookstore can check the number of books that they have sold and the amount of money which they get and the books that are out of stock or not available on the shelves. Based on that information that he retrieves from the database of the bookstore software, he is able to make business decisions such as ordering new books or make a report to the store owner of whether the performance of the bookstore is getting well or not, whether they are making profit or whether they need to offer discounts to some categories of books to boost their sales. If you plan to buy a POS software for your bookstore, make sure that it has the above four capabilities. Finally, there is one thing that you also need to know before buying the POS software for your bookstore, i.e. it has to be simple and easy to be operated. by Charles Roring
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