Saturday, February 19, 2011

Operating a bookstore cash register

Cash register machine is a device used to handle purchase transaction. For a small bookstore, there usually is one cash register. For larger bookstore, there can be more than two or three of them. Cash register should be placed near the exit door. So that people will bring the books which they want to buy to the cashier desk and pay them. 
Purchase transaction process
  1. A cashier staff will scan the bar code or type the code of the merchandise into the computer together with the quantity of items that the customer buys. 
  2. As calculator, the cash register machine will tell both the customer and the cashier staff the total amount the customer has to pay. 
  3. When the customer pays or gives his or her money, the cashier staff will type the amount into the computer. 
  4. The computer will reply the input data with the amount of change the cashier has to pay. 
  5. After paying the change back to the customer, the next process is putting the books into a plastic bag or other packaging bag before handing it over to the buyer. This is done manually by the cashier staff.
Database Process inside the cash register machine
The information which a cashier staff enters into the cash register machine will be processed  by the computer to change the inventory of books or merchandise inside the database of the bookstore. Computer will record the number of transactions during the whole day operation of the bookstore, the remaining books or merchandise left and the number of merchandise whose quantity has been zero or out of stocks.
How the inventory data is used
Bookstore manager will check the database to make decisions that are related to the ordering of books from certain publishers whose titles are now not available anymore on the bookshelves or hold a meeting to inform the staff to make promotion if the performance of the bookstore is not really satisfied, and etc.
The database management system of a bookstore is similar to the DBMS of other retail stores. When there are mistakes in the input of data at the cash register machine or point of sales (POS) software system, the decision making process for the whole operation of the bookstore will not be accurate. So, what a store manager has to do is making sure that the staff of the cash register machine is able to perform his or her job well.  by Charles Roring
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