Tuesday, February 15, 2011

POS Software for small bookstore

Today big and small bookstores use POS software system to serve their customers. If you are now running a small bookstore to serve book lovers from around your neighborhood, you should consider of buying a simple POS software system for your business if you don't have one. Many home based businesses including bookshop still do not use POS to accelerate and control their purchase and selling transactions.
With POS software, bookstore owners can manage their business well. The number of books for each title in the bookshelves, the total amount of money that the store gets in one day, and other information related to inventory control can be obtained from the computer database with high accuracy.
In addition, the book categories and sub-categories can easily be arranged and matched both for the bookshelves and for the POS database. In other words, the management of a small bookstore will be much easier if the owner uses POS software. Today the price of a POS system is not expensive. Some are even offered for free as an open source program on the internet. Most of the POS software are supported by database management system created in Microsoft Access, or MySQL.
Although the POS software uses Microsoft Access or MySQL as the database platform, when you operate POS, you don't need to master Access or MySQL. Usually, the POS software that has been installed in the computer or cash register machine has got simple interface to help you retrieve the data that you need for making business decision related to the operation of your bookstore.
The bookstore that you run may be small but it is a complicated business. The number of book titles and the quantity of the merchandise which a store manager have to order from publishers, and the percentage of the profit margin have to be determined by bookstore owner. If these tasks are done manually, at least two or three clerks should carry out the jobs. With POS software, one person can do all the jobs in faster and more efficient way.
So, modern bookstore management has to be streamlined with the use of computer. If you haven't got POS software to help you run and manage your home based bookstore, you had better buy it now or your business will not be able to compete with other bookstores. by Charles Roring
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