Sunday, February 13, 2011

Starting an online bookstore as member of Amazon Associates

My first online bookstore was hosted in free
Continuing my previous discussion about how to start a bookstore without much capital, this time I want to explain how to sell books and other goods using Amazon Associates program. In my previous post, I explained how my bookstore website stored in free webhosting got book order from someone in Riau city worth 4.5 million rupiahs. At that time I did not have any stocks of the books. When my customer send his money via bank transfer to my account, I used the money to order the books from importer in Jakarta. I ran my online bookstore from Malang city back then.
Treat your online bookstore as a real business
Based on my personal experience in selling books online, I know that internet is powerful in supporting anybody who wants to work hard to earn a living from this virtual world. Now, the opportunity of having an online store still exists even to those who do not have a lot of money to buy books and other goods as their initial stocks.
E-commerce software
Starting an online store is not difficult right now. Even the e-commerce software for your bookstore is available for free. Some of the that I know are ZenCart, and OS commerce. If you want to sell products from your town to anybody around the world through the internet you need to do the following things.
  • Purchase a domain name for your online store. It can be for example 
  • Buy a webhosting package usually for 1 year
  • Install one of the e-commerce that I mentioned above. My online Toko Buku Online Sapphire is powered by the free and open source e-commerce software ZenCart. 
  • When the e-commerce software has been installed you can begin inserting the picture of books, or leather products or anything that is manufactured from your town into the website. The more products you sell with better explanation inside the website, the most likely people will buy from you.
  • You need to study the software by reading its manual book.
  • For online payment system, you need a merchant account that is powered by secure online payment system. If you are not sure what to do with this very important technical matter, I suggest that you sign up for an account in paypal so that you can receive payment for the goods that you sell easily. 
Make money selling books and other goods with Amazon Associates
In the title of this post, I mentioned Amazon Associates. This is a special program from - the largest online store in the world to website owners who want to monetize their website by selling books, electronic products and anything that has. When I mention the word selling, I don't mean that you have to find customers to buy the goods. All you need to do is add some codes from Amazon Associates into your website. The codes can be a product link, astore widget or omakase and some other programs that you need to embed into your website. When someone who is reading your article becomes interested in the products that automatically appear in your site and buys them, you will get some money from that transaction.
Because Amazon Associates website ( ) has got a lot of information for anybody who wants to participate in the program, I suggest that you visit to read them by yourself. by Charles Roring

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