Wednesday, April 6, 2011

POS System for bookstore management and transaction

Every new bookstore owner must consider using POS system for their business if they want to simplify the transaction process between a clerk in the cashier desk and customers. For a small bookstore, one stand alone pos system that is installed inside a cash register machine might be enough but for larger bookstores, the POS system will have some cash register machines to deal with buyers during a rush time and one computer server at the back office to control the inventory level. Most of the bookstores now are operated with POS systems that use DBMS softwares. The price of a POS system that is powered with Microsoft office or MySQL is not expensive. Store owners can get them easily from any computer stores or from software house companies that offer their products on the internet. POS software for small bookstore can fully be developed using Microsoft Access.
However, for online bookstores, the POS system will be different. Today, the software for running an online store can be obtained for free if store owner pays a web-hosting that is provided with Fantastico feature. Inside the Fantastico, there are a lot of software for building online stores from small size mom and pop stores to big size stores whose brances can be found in many states.
Although the e-commerce software for online bookshop is free, it takes more time for the owner to learn how to use them. E-commerce shopping cart software is the heart of POS system of online bookstore. It does not only handle each transaction that occurs online but it also automatically update the inventory or the stock of books that have been bought by online buyers. Without a POS system, a bookstore cannot run properly and can face bankruptcy. by Charles Roring
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Bookstore business is really the type of business that needs POS software to handle complex management and transactions. Using the right software for it is really a big challenge...

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