Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Software for Bookstore Web Sales POS

If you are now planning to run an online bookstore selling books on the internet, you will definitely need some software to do the job for you. In the e-commerce business, most of the retailers will need a dynamic website that is powered by a shopping cart software to handle all online transactions for you. The shopping cart technology usually runs under asp or php scripts that interact with access or mysql database.
Today such bookstore management software is available for free if you buy a webhosting package that provides Fantastico feature. Fantastico has got some ec-commerce solutions such as CubeCart, OS Commerce and Zen Cart. Their working principles are similar to any POS software for small bookstore that you can see in brick and mortar bookstore as well as other retail store in the downtown of your city.
Although shopping cart software has some similarities with bookstore POS cashier software used by retailers, they have some differences too. In brick and mortar bookstore, a clerk will enter the data using a barcode scanner into a cash register machine that is connected with a database server in the back office of the store.
In online bookstore, clients interact with the shopping cart software through an interface that an interface that connects them with bookstore database. All the transactions are carried out by the clients from selecting the books or other goods that he or she wants to buy to entering credit card information and address.
One the other side of the world, bookstore owner will open the back office pages through admin page to execute the transactions. He or she will check in his or her bank account whether the amount of money that is requested for the purchase of books has been received or not.
Shop lifting that is usually found in brick and mortar retail stores does not occur in online bookstore business. But attacks from hackers and credit card fraud have been the main concerns among the owners of online bookstore.
To improve the security of online transactions, most retailers rely on payment gateway companies such as paypal and verysign. These companies provide secure online transactions between customers and retailers. Through a trusted payment gateway party such as Paypal, customers can buy anything online securely and online bookstore owners can receive money in their bank account in no time. In simple words, online bookstore software will have to be linked to a payment gateway system such as PayPal and Verisign for the transfer of money. Another feature that a bookstore web sales software usually  need is a feature to calculate shipping cost. It can do the job alone or connect with the websites of DHL or UPS or post office. The calculation of shipping cost is complicated especially if the address of the customer is located abroad in places where DHL or UPS do not have their branch offices there. I often find that the shipping cost has to be calculated manually by online bookstore owners in Indonesia because their national post office company, PT POS does not provide assistance for small bookstore owners to calculate the shipping cost automatically. This is one thing that PT Pos Indonesia has to deal with if they want to improve their services to their customers who are using website to buy goods that they need but are available in other island or city. by Charles Roring. 
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