Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bookshelves for bookstore

The bookshelves that I have just designed and shown in this post are for floor display. The books can be put on the shelves on standing position with front covers facing the readers. The height of this bookshelf is 1.45 meters but it can be expanded to 2.5 meters as the maximum height for people to reach the books on the top shelf. The way the books are displayed on the shelves in standing position with front covers facing the customers may not be efficient for space management but it can effectively increase the impulse buying. When the impulse buying is high, the profit or sales that a bookstore can make per square meter of floor size will also high. In retail business, impulse purchases can be increased through improvements on in-store displays, and store layouts. I have got six bookshelves with designs similar to the ones that are shown in this post. These bookshelves are simple and not difficult to be manufactured by furniture production companies.
Picture of Bookshelf Design 1
Because the books can be arranged on both sides of the shelves, the bookshelves are more stable for floor display. To ensure the stability of the shelves against the collision with customers while they were walking through the isles, the foundation is made slightly wider than the shelves.
Picture of Bookshelf Design 2
While designing this bookshelves using Google Sketchup 8, I choose wood as the material both for the posts and the shelves. The cross section of the shelves look hollow. If they cannot be manufactured in your town, you can ask local carpenter to make them using wood as the main material. The shelves can be of solid forms. As a matter of fact they have to be made of solid materials. I only want to show the contour of the shelves that are made slightly inclined to help customers read the front covers of the book easily. As a matter of fact, when the books are placed on the shelves that are upright relative to the books, the merchandise will not buckle. However, as a bookstore owner, you are free to choose any materials that you like for displaying your merchandise.There are many other variations for the design of bookshelves that can be used by bookstore managers in displaying their merchandise. I will design some more bookshelves in my later posts. by Charles Roring
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