Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bookstore storefront appearance

Most often people enter a bookstore if it looks attractive from outside. Therefore, bookstore owners must pay special attention to the storefront appearance. From the street where the bookshop is located, the storefront must look clean and tidy. The borders around the parking lot can also be decorated with beautiful flower plants. So, it is not only the building of the bookstore that should be well painted but also the entire atmosphere outside the bookstore that needs attention to details. The glass windows need to be wiped or cleaned everyday. To clean it, just use soft wet cloth and wipe the surface that is dirty with dust. I write this because I have just cleaned the front area of my bookstore. The storefront has to be free of wastes. Bins for organic and inorganic wastes should be put near the entrance or exit door of the bookstore to help visitors put their garbage properly. The bins have to be regularly emptied.
If the bookstore is located in a mall, the shells at the glass windows need regular cleaning. In addition, the books that are placed at the front glass windows have to be regularly changed with newly published ones, or with the best seller ones. Certain titles that are closely related to the town or city where the bookstore is can be displayed at the front windows. Special lighting for the storefront can attract more attention from the passers by to enter the bookstore.
If the bookstore that you are running is an online retail operation, the homepage of the online bookshop should be simple to allow visitors to load it faster on their computer screen. The homepage of an online bookstore should not be flooded with all titles of the newly arrived books. It is better to only present a few new titles where the entire collection of books are placed in categories usually located at the left side bar. by Charles Roring
Bookstore management system

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Verna Lucas said...

“…bookstore owners must pay special attention to the storefront appearance.” – I most certainly agree! The storefront can make or break your establishment. When your storefront appears unappealing or filthy, customers and passersby are discouraged to check out your displays. This can lead to sale loss if left unattended. Simply cleaning the glass and updating the display can be a way to encourage customers to take a look at your displays.[Verna Lucas]

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