Saturday, June 25, 2011

How many bookshelves does Xavier bookstore have?

Xavier bookstore that is based in Manokwari city has 4 long wall bookshelves, 7 one-face bookcases, 7 two-face bookshelves and three tables. All of them are made of wood. These furniture are used for running the brick and mortar bookshop format. In addition to this conventional bookselling business, xavier bookstore has operated an online bookshop to meet the increasing demand for books from book lovers in many islands of the country under the name The walls of the Xavier bookstore are filled with paintings and drawings from local artists. For the operation of the online bookstore, actually, the number of bookshelves and tables are not as many as for brick and mortar bookshop.
If the earnings from online and brick and mortar bookstores are compared, the profit from brick and mortar one is much much higher. It is understandable because the online bookstore had just started early this year. In addition, the establishment of the online bookstore is not supported by an aggressive promotion to book lover communities on the web.
The operation of uses an open source e-commerce software called zencart. Although it has not given significant earnings, it greatly helps sell out our old stock of books. In my conclusion, independent bookstore owners need to see the possibilities for their shops to go online.

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