Sunday, June 26, 2011

Online bookstore needs bookshelves, doesn't it?

Online bookstore is a type of bookselling business that promotes certain titles of books on the internet through a website for customers who live in many different areas around the world. As someone who is now running an online bookstore, I can say clearly that online bookstore definitely needs bookshelves or shelves. The shelves are needed for safe placement of books instead of putting them on the floor. Because books have to be grouped into several different categories, a number of bookshelves are needed for that purpose. If the bookshop is purely run on an online basis, the arrangement or lay out may not be the same as the arrangement of bookshelves on brick and mortar shop floor. In online bookstore, the space for placing the merchandise can be curbed into, for instance, a 4 meter x 4 meter room.
The most important thing that an online bookstore owner has to prioritize is not how big a physical room is but how the website for selling his or her books is designed and promoted on the internet. He or she has to make the online bookstore famous.
Because most of the transactions of the bookshop occur automatically with the help of an e-commerce software such as ZenCart or VPASP, online shop owner does not need a lot of staff to supervise the visitors who are looking for books that they need to read on the bookshelves such as what we usually see in a brick and mortar retail store. In addition, starting an online bookstore is much easier than starting a brick and mortar bookstore.
A famous online bookstore can handle simultaneously hundreds of transaction in one time without the store owner has to type each title of books and the quantity of items bought by the book lovers into his or her POS software or cash register machine. In today's highly competitive bookselling market, brick and mortar store owners must go online if they are really serious in expanding their market share. I remember reading the phenomenal success story of owned by Jeff Bezos who started his business from a small garage. Now it is a major player not only in bookselling business but also in anything that can be sold online. Even in time when store owners worry about the development of e-books and electronic readers, continues to be the leader in online bookselling market by selling their Kindle that is able to store around 3,500 books in PDF file format and can be carried anywhere by the owner where ever he or she goes.
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