Monday, June 20, 2011

Paper Based Bookstore versus E-book Online Bookstore

Bookstore owners are anxious to see the rapid development of ebook reader technology that are now trying to gain significant market share in bookselling business. People who buy Kindle (from Amazon), Sony E-book reader or Kobo (from Borders) can have at least 1,000 ebooks in their reading devices.
E-books are sold in prices that are cheaper than the conventional paper based books. The ebook reading devices are offered to book lovers by electronic manufacturers and online bookstores such as the, and Borders.
Because more books can now be obtained for free from the internet, bookstores in developed countries such as Canada, United States, Korea, Japan, and Europe, will see reduction in sales of their conventional paper based books. Significant decrease can also be seen in magazine and newspaper categories. This challenge in bookselling business should be met by the bookstore owners through various innovative business strategies. They can begin selling ebooks and the electronic reading devices or try to widen the categories of merchandise that they want to sell. as the largest bookstore in the world now sells anything from books to clothes to its customers. If can survive and make a lot of profit in the virtual world, other bookstore owners can follow the same path too. by Charles Roring

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