Tuesday, June 7, 2011

POS Software in Xavier Bookstore

Xavier bookstore that I am now running uses a POS or Point of Sales software that has been developed by Bamboomedia. It is a cheap POS software that is based on Microsoft Access. It is not suitable for large bookstore with more than one cash register machine. Today, most of the modern retail stores need cash register machines that are powered by POS software. For home based bookstore owner, operating a POS software can be a complicated task to do but actually it is very simple. We only need to enter the information about the books and other merchandise into the database of the POS or inventory control system regularly. POS software is very important for the successful operation of a bookstore. Without it, all the tedious job of calculating the total revenue of the day and the quantity of books on the bookshelves will eliminate all of our time. POS and Inventory control software will make the operation of our bookstore simpler, easier and more profitable.  


anshuman said...

A multitasking approach through POS softwares.

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