Monday, June 20, 2011

Wall Bookshelves for a Bookstore

Every bookstore needs bookshelves to display their merchandise. A good bookshelf has to be able to display books in a certain way to attract the attention of people who are walking inside the store looking for the books that they want to buy. The following bookshelves are suitable for books and magazine. In a bookshop, the bookshelves can be installed on a wall. I designed them using Google Sketchup. The books or magazines that are placed on the shelves face one direction, i.e. the buyers. Its foundation can be eliminated during the manufacturing if the posts are nailed or screwed to the walls. This will minimize the space that the bookshelves need thus allowing more space for alleyways that are allocated for book lovers.
Bookshelf Picture 1:

All of the front covers of the books and magazines that are displayed on these bookshelves can be seen by customers when they are standing in front of the bookshelves. This design can increase the impulse buying of the customers because they can see the front covers of the product which they want to buy. I have got one in my Xavier bookstore.
Bookshelf Picture 2:

The shelves are on the inclined positions relative to the wooden posts to maximize the number of shelves that can be put together in one unit of the bookshelf. But from the customers' point of view, they can easily read or see the front covers of the books and magazines that have been put on the shelves. This bookshelf is also suitable for home interior particularly in the study room. One positive advantage of these shelves are that they prevent the books or magazines from buckling. by Charles Roring. 
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