Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wooden Bookshelves for Bookstore

The following wooden bookshelf for bookstore merchandise display is a modified version of the bookcase that I had designed and shown in my previous post, Bookshelves for Bookstore. I added some shelves on both sides of the bookshelves. Because the spaces for the books are limited, only small number of books can be displayed in standing position. If the books that will be put on these shelves are small, two or three can be arranged side by side in the standing position with front covers facing the customers. If space for the aisle is too narrow, it will create what is called "bottle neck." People will not be able to walk freely along the aisles because there are other people standing between the aisles blocking their way.
Bookshelves Picture
The normal distance or space between the bookshelves is 1.5 meters. Therefore, the addition of side shelving at the bookcase must not hamper the movement of book lovers walking through the bookshelves.
The design of wooden bookshelves for bookstore is not always the same as for the library or study room. Books that are arranged on the shelves in the library do not necessarily have to be put in standing position with front covers facing the book lovers. They can be arranged in standing position with bound sides facing the readers. by Charles Roring
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