Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wooden wall bookshelves for a bookstore

Most bookstores need wall bookshelves to display the books that they want to sell to customers. The wall bookshelves have to be in inclined positions to make the books more visible when customers look at them. I personally designed my wall bookshelves between 60 to 70 degrees. Flat wooden panels have to be nailed at the bottom of the shelves to support the books so that they will not fall. Also with the inclined position, the books that are arranged will not buckle.
Picture 1 Inclined Bookshelf
Perhaps you still don't understand my explanation, to help you understand how a set of good wall bookshelves should be manufactured, please, see the following photograph. I designed the bookshelves by myself and had it made by a furniture company in my town. So far, I think that this is one of the best bookshelves that I have ever designed. Customers can see all of the books easily when standing around one and a half meter from wall.
Picture 2. Inclined Bookshelf for Bookstore
Wooden wall bookshelves that have books on them will become very heavy. If your bookstore is located in an earthquake region, the top part of bookshelves have to be screwed or tied to the wall to prevent them from falling. We never know when an earthquake hits our town. Nailing or screwing bookshelves to the wall is a good way to ensure the safety of the customers who are walking through the aisles of the bookstore. by Charles Roring

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

University Bookstore

Students often buy books from university bookstore because they can get used books that are offered in prices that are much cheaper than the prices of new books. However, the collection of books in a university bookstore is not as many as what we can find in general bookstore in the downtown or city center. University bookstore tends to sell books that are published by the university. Today, students have a lot of options to buy books that they really need. They can contact their friends in campus who have the books that they are looking for or they can just open their laptop and connect to the internet to search for the books both in the online bookstores or online libraries.
Internet offers a lot of information that we can get for free without having to spend money. For research purposes, the information that is available in the internet has to be verified with books that are written by professors or experts in certain university. Because most of the books or research journals are too specific to be sold by general retail bookstore, they can be provided by university bookstore to students who need them. Such books or journals are usually published in small number.
When I was a university students I didn't buy books from the university bookstore because there was no such bookstore in my campus. So, I could only rely on the university and faculty libraries for the books that I need. After borrowing them, I usually went to photocopy shop to duplicate certain pages of the books for my class assignment or research projects.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bookstore ownership

If you plan to open a bookstore as your business, you need to know several schemes that are related to the ownership of the bookstore. You must know that ownership greatly affects how the bookshop will be managed. It also can make significant differences when it is time to pay taxes, deal with legal matters and to split or close the bookstore. Customers may not know whether your bookstore is owned by you or by a group of investors who work together as a corporation. In general, the ownership of a bookstore business can be categorized into several forms as follows:
Sole proprietorship
This is suitable for anybody who is planning to start running a bookstore with very limited capital. Home based bookstore owners usually choose sole proprietorship as the form of their bookshop. Their entrepreneurial spirit will prove whether their business will succeed or not. The bookstore will fully be controlled its owner. She or he will be responsible for trade and legal claims from book suppliers or distributors, banks, and single taxation from both the local and central government.
If you and your friend(s) decide to start a bookstore, all of you will need to share the burden of providing or raising the initial capital. A bookstore that is run on the basis of partnership is simpler to form than corporation. However, it has less ability to raise capital from the public if partnership is chosen. Most often, owners of a partnership bookstore are liable for legal claims made by book publishers and customers
Similar to other retail businesses, a retail bookstore firm that is based on corporation will be formally under the state law. As a legal entity, the bookstore corporation is separated from individuals who own the stocks of the business. Most often, stockholders choose professionals to run the bookstore.
Whether your new bookstore is a sole proprietorship, or corporation, it needs to be planned, run and managed well. Store location is an important factor if the bookstore is a brick and mortar one. If it is an online store, a reliable e-commerce shopping cart that is supported by a powerful webserver is a must. In addition, the online bookstore needs people with IT expertise who really know how to manage or operate the shopping cart software. All types of ownerships have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose any of them according to your financial and managerial capacity to realize your dream of running your bookselling business.
A part of the above types of bookstore ownerships that I mention above, there is still another scheme which you can choose to sell books to make money without really running or having a bookstore. Today, an online bookstore called the provides opportunities to anybody who wants to join the Amazon Associates program. Through this membership, anybody can sell books and other types of merchandise that sells through his or her blog or website. This can be a quick solution to those who are now thinking of making money from the comfort of his or her own home. by Charles Roring

Monday, July 18, 2011

How to start an online bookstore business

Starting an online bookstore is very easy to be done right now. In my previous post, I explained a little about how to sell Amazon books and other merchandise by becoming a member Amazon Associates through blogs or websites that you write. This is an affiliate marketing strategy that a lot of bloggers and web-publishers have done to make money from home. We don't need to think about where to get the books that we want to sell from many different publishers. What we need to do is writing articles that are related to our interest and put the html code of the product from Amazon from a number of widgets and Amazon Associates provide.
Online bookstore is seen as a potential way to sell books and other educational products to customers around the world. Although selling Amazon books and other merchandise is easy, beginning online store entrepreneurs often think that they can sell their own merchandise to obtain higher profit.
If this is the case, then the fastest way is to set up your own online bookstore business using web-hosting package that has Fantastico feature inside it. After buying a webhosting package one annual fee basis. You can start installing zen-cart or os-commerce shopping cart software to establish your online bookstore. It only takes less than 15 minutes to install it. However, you need more time to add contents to the online bookstore business which you have just launched. Zencart, and OS-commerce are open source shopping cart software that are used by a lot of online store owners. They are powerful because they are supported by mysql database system and php. You don't need to be an expert in php to run your online store. You only need to study how to manage your own bookstore.
If you already have got a static website, you can start selling merchandise from associates program. I personally use product widgets and astore. Depending on how hard you work to develop your online store, the potential amount of earnings that you can make is unlimited. Online market is huge but is also full of competition. You need to work extra harder by providing good content in your website and promote it to really attract customers. If you are persistent with your online bookstore business, I believe that one day, you will be able to make enough money from it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How can I sell books from bookstore

So, you are planning to have your online bookstore but you don't have enough capital to start buying books from supplies. I don't know whether you have heard this news or not but you can make money by selling books that the largest online store in the world, the, also sells. It is not difficult to sell Amazon's books.
First you need to sign up for an account in as member of Amazon Associates. When you have signed up, you will get an account where you can use your email and password to enter the Associates Central webpage. On the upper part of the page there are widgets or astore link which you can click to start choosing the products that you are interested in selling. You can choose the aStore Widget or Omakase one. If you click the Omakase widget, you will sell products that are contextual to the content of your blog or website. You need to have a blog or website to sell Amazon's books or other products through Amazon Associates program. At the bottom of the Omakasi Links webpage, you will see the html code which you have to copy and paste inside your blog.
If you don't know how to set up a website. You can start a blog from As part of Google, has special cooperation with which helps publishers or bloggers to sell Amazon products directly from the blogger's New Post webpage form. If the Amazon Associates account has been activated in your blogger's account, you can see it next to the New Post form. You can click the link, image or link + image to start selling Amazon's products. If you still do not understand what I mean, just check the Amazon's products that I promote in this post.
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How much capital to start a bookstore business

When I began running my home based Xavier bookstore, I only spent around 65 million rupiahs. According to current exchange rate it is 7,927 US dollars. This investment has paid off and I now can make between 1,200 to 1500 US dollars a month from this small business. For European and North American countries where the cost of living is high, this amount is small but for people living in Indonesia where the cost of living is relatively between 200 and 300 US dollars a month, this amount of revenue is big.
I am now expanding the home based bookshop to online bookstore. In the beginning I used Microsoft Frontpage 2003 in combination with blogging software Wordpress. Now I used a more powerful e-commerce software called zen-cart. I gave the online bookstore a different name called The capital needed for starting this online bookstore was only 42 US dollars. It is very little, isn't it? The shopping cart software is free. I only need to pay the 1 year webhosting package to establish the online bookstore. This little investment was paid off in just a few days after the online bookstore was launched.
Talking about the amount of capital needed to start a bookstore, as a matter of fact, there is no standart amount. If you use your own house as the base for your business, then you will not spend a lot of money. But if you rent a show room in a strategic place in the downtown, starting up a new bookstore can cost you tens of thousands of US dollars. Most book lovers do not really look at the physical appearance of the building of a bookstore which they enter. Their interest is whether the shop has the books which they need or not. If you can provide a long list of titles, for example, for the category of agriculture, then you will be able to attract more customers. A successful bookstore is a shop that can provide the books which their customers are looking for. So, before running a bookshop in your town, make a market research about it. by Charles Roring
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Starting an online bookstore

Starting an online bookstore is similar to starting any other businesses. First, we have to know the basic concept of how a bookstore runs. Bookstore is a retail store. It provides books and other merchandise to customers. Store format of a bookshop is transformed into an online store that still offers books to wider customers. Because the initial capital for starting an online bookstore is smaller than the amount needed for starting a brick and mortar one, the price of books and other products will usually be cheaper. However, the total cost a customer has to pay may be higher especially if the distance for shipping the book is far. For instance, it is not effective to buy a notebook PC from an online store in Japan, if the customer can get a similar product at an electronic or bookshop in his town.
Software that is needed for starting an online bookstore

I have mentioned some e-commerce software which anybody can use to run an online store. My recommendation will be Zen-cart or OS commerce. There are a lot of e-commerce solution which store owners can download for free or buy to power their online business. The above shopping cart software use MySQl and PHP to process all of the bookselling transactions. I recommend them to new entrepreneurs because they are free and relatively easy to be operated. Although they are free, they are very powerful and expandable. A lot of online bookstores and other retail shops have used zen-cart and os-commerce to serve customers worldwide. The management of an online bookstore is not too different from the management of store format bookshop. From my personal experience in running Xavier bookstore, I see that it is even easier to run an online bookstore because the number of employees needed to run an online store is fewer than a retail store. We do not need bigger rooms filled with store employees in every shelves. Bookshelves needed by an online bookstore are not as many as the conventional physical bookshop format. I even do not have any workers for running my online When a customer order a book, the whole process is handled automatically by the shopping cart software. Store owner or manager or also called admin staff only works in back office page to complete the transaction when the money has been transfered by the customer for the book that he or she orders.
Fantastico feature in a webhosting package

Most of the webhosting packages on the internet now provide fantastico to their potential customers. If you are serious in starting an online bookstore, you should consider of this feature. Fantastico has a number of shopping cart software that can be installed into the webhosting package that you have paid. You don't need to download zen-cart or os-commerce from their official webpages anymore. What you need to do is clicking the fantastico link and installing the shopping cart software for your new online bookstore.
Payment Gateway System and Shipping
Two important things that you have to know before fully running your bookshop are the payment gateway system and the shipping of your products to your customers. The easiest way is to apply for a merchant account in For the shipping cost, you need to check the companies in your country that handle the shipment of such products as books, cameras and other electronic goods that are usually sold by online stores. Your first choice is the national postal service. If you are in Europe, you can check whether DHL can support or online store by providing feature where customers can get a cost for the shipment of the books from your store to their houses.
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Online Bookstore

Want to have your own virtual retail store?
Online bookstore powered by open source software such as the OS commerce, ZenCart can now be set up in just one or two days. The amount of capital that the owners need to establish their online bookstores is not as big as the amount needed for opening a brick and mortar store. Today, most of the brick and mortar retail stores expand their business in the World Wide Web. If we read the success story of, we can see that the main products which the online store offered for the first time through the internet were books. Today, these "online bookstores" sells everything from clothes to towels and from books to movies.
Online consumers are professionals and intelectuals - study their lifestyle
If we do an indepth research into the online businesses, we can see that most of the consumers who buy things from e-commerce websites are from profesionals and people who study in universities. They are called intelectuals. The buying partern of this type of consumers will be related to their lifestyle. They read books, they use various electronic products, they wear good quality shirts and dress but not the luxurious ones and they like sports. Therefore, bookstore owners or online retail store owners need to provide merchandise that this group of intelectuals really need.
How many categories of merchandise should a beginning online store owner provide?
Because the store owners do not have to spend their capital on constructing large buildings and shelves to store their merchandise, most of the money can be spent to buy or secure the products from suppliers before they are offered to online consumers. However, if the amount of capital which the beginning store-owners have is little, they should only focus on providing small number of categories in their merchandise for instance books on agriculture and animal husbandry. If the target customers are IT professionals, they can try to sell books that are related to computer and various software applications such as Microsoft office and graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch up. Trying to provide all categories of merchandise with limited capital, the success of running an online bookstore will be very little.
Online Bookstore POS
The availability of open source e-commerce software which is called shopping cart greatly helps small online store owners in running and managing their businesses. Zen-cart or OS commerce can handle thousands of transactions in real time without the owners or managers interventions. However, security issues related to personal information of credit card holders are still a sensitive matter. The recent credit card data breach that customers of Sony Play Station suffer raises questions among the online consumers whether online transaction is safe or not.

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