Friday, July 15, 2011

Online Bookstore

Want to have your own virtual retail store?
Online bookstore powered by open source software such as the OS commerce, ZenCart can now be set up in just one or two days. The amount of capital that the owners need to establish their online bookstores is not as big as the amount needed for opening a brick and mortar store. Today, most of the brick and mortar retail stores expand their business in the World Wide Web. If we read the success story of, we can see that the main products which the online store offered for the first time through the internet were books. Today, these "online bookstores" sells everything from clothes to towels and from books to movies.
Online consumers are professionals and intelectuals - study their lifestyle
If we do an indepth research into the online businesses, we can see that most of the consumers who buy things from e-commerce websites are from profesionals and people who study in universities. They are called intelectuals. The buying partern of this type of consumers will be related to their lifestyle. They read books, they use various electronic products, they wear good quality shirts and dress but not the luxurious ones and they like sports. Therefore, bookstore owners or online retail store owners need to provide merchandise that this group of intelectuals really need.
How many categories of merchandise should a beginning online store owner provide?
Because the store owners do not have to spend their capital on constructing large buildings and shelves to store their merchandise, most of the money can be spent to buy or secure the products from suppliers before they are offered to online consumers. However, if the amount of capital which the beginning store-owners have is little, they should only focus on providing small number of categories in their merchandise for instance books on agriculture and animal husbandry. If the target customers are IT professionals, they can try to sell books that are related to computer and various software applications such as Microsoft office and graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch up. Trying to provide all categories of merchandise with limited capital, the success of running an online bookstore will be very little.
Online Bookstore POS
The availability of open source e-commerce software which is called shopping cart greatly helps small online store owners in running and managing their businesses. Zen-cart or OS commerce can handle thousands of transactions in real time without the owners or managers interventions. However, security issues related to personal information of credit card holders are still a sensitive matter. The recent credit card data breach that customers of Sony Play Station suffer raises questions among the online consumers whether online transaction is safe or not.

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