Wednesday, July 27, 2011

University Bookstore

Students often buy books from university bookstore because they can get used books that are offered in prices that are much cheaper than the prices of new books. However, the collection of books in a university bookstore is not as many as what we can find in general bookstore in the downtown or city center. University bookstore tends to sell books that are published by the university. Today, students have a lot of options to buy books that they really need. They can contact their friends in campus who have the books that they are looking for or they can just open their laptop and connect to the internet to search for the books both in the online bookstores or online libraries.
Internet offers a lot of information that we can get for free without having to spend money. For research purposes, the information that is available in the internet has to be verified with books that are written by professors or experts in certain university. Because most of the books or research journals are too specific to be sold by general retail bookstore, they can be provided by university bookstore to students who need them. Such books or journals are usually published in small number.
When I was a university students I didn't buy books from the university bookstore because there was no such bookstore in my campus. So, I could only rely on the university and faculty libraries for the books that I need. After borrowing them, I usually went to photocopy shop to duplicate certain pages of the books for my class assignment or research projects.

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