Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wooden wall bookshelves for a bookstore

Most bookstores need wall bookshelves to display the books that they want to sell to customers. The wall bookshelves have to be in inclined positions to make the books more visible when customers look at them. I personally designed my wall bookshelves between 60 to 70 degrees. Flat wooden panels have to be nailed at the bottom of the shelves to support the books so that they will not fall. Also with the inclined position, the books that are arranged will not buckle.
Picture 1 Inclined Bookshelf
Perhaps you still don't understand my explanation, to help you understand how a set of good wall bookshelves should be manufactured, please, see the following photograph. I designed the bookshelves by myself and had it made by a furniture company in my town. So far, I think that this is one of the best bookshelves that I have ever designed. Customers can see all of the books easily when standing around one and a half meter from wall.
Picture 2. Inclined Bookshelf for Bookstore
Wooden wall bookshelves that have books on them will become very heavy. If your bookstore is located in an earthquake region, the top part of bookshelves have to be screwed or tied to the wall to prevent them from falling. We never know when an earthquake hits our town. Nailing or screwing bookshelves to the wall is a good way to ensure the safety of the customers who are walking through the aisles of the bookstore. by Charles Roring

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