Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Designing a bookstore shopping cart

So, you want to design a shopping cart software for bookstore. I think, you don't have to. Today, there are a lot of e-commerce software that anybody can use to sell books on the internet. Free shopping cart software such as os commerce, and zencart can power your online bookstore.
Your are a bookstore owner not a programmer
As an owner of a bookstore, I don't want to make my life more complicated by trying to invent what somebody else has made. I prefer promoting my products to designing a new shopping cart software that requires an excellent knowledge in php or asp programming language. This is something that I cannot do.
Astore widget of
If you really want have an online bookstore so badly, you can sign up for an account in as an associate of the largest bookstore in the world. There will be a widget in your associate account called astore. You can embed it inside your blog or static website. has developed a cutting edge shopping cart software for the astore which you can use to make money online buy promoting it inside your blog or website. So, why do you have to invent a new wheel again?
In astore shopping cart software, you can customize its categories to adapt with the content of your website. To customize the astore, you need to sign in to your associate account in and click the astore tab. Inside your Amazon Associate account, you can also see the reports of the items that you have sold and the advertizing fee that you can collect from them and that will be paid by the largest online store in the world. by Charles Roring
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