Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wall bookshelves of Periplus Bookstore

I visited a Periplus bookstore on the main street of Ubud town more than one week ago. It was a nice bookstore with large collections of books about travel, art and culture and language. Books about Bali and Indonesia;  including Elizabeth Gilberth's Eat, Pray Love; dominated the shelves. Books about meditation, massage, spa, and yoga meditation got significant number of spaces in the bookshop. Most of the books were arranged neatly on wall bookshelves whose heights was around 2.5 meters. The color of the wall bookshelves was black with lights on the top of each of them. I like the layout of the bookshop. There was only one staff handling the store. He was sitting at the cashier table handling the POS cashier machine, supervising customers through CCTV cameras that were installed on the ceilings and doing the administration or the paper works of the bookstore.
There is another bookstore called Ganesha bookshop some 400 meters from this Periplus. It is smaller than the Periplus bookshop and it is run by 2 staff. Ganesha bookshop does not have a POS cashier machine. The staff of the bookstore calculate all of the transactions using a small calculator and records them on a book. It is interesting to see that Ganesha bookshop gets more visitors each day. Both the Periplus and the Ganesha bookstore use wall bookshelves to efficiently use their limited spaces. Customers of these stores are mainly international travelers who come from Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and China. by Charles Roring

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