Thursday, October 24, 2013

Android Tablets

Tablets that use Android Operating System from Google are now dominating the market. In the US, iPad from Apple and Kindle Fire from Amazon have to compete against Samsung Galaxy. Nokia is not a global leader in cell phone industry anymore. Consumers prefer Android tablets to Windows smartphones. They are affordable and can perform various functions include working as digital camera, GPS device, telephone, portable hotspot, and ebook reader. There are still a lot of people that do not need sophisticated tablet. Simple cell phone only for calling and sending text message still have market share. So, cell phone manufacturers should not abandon these kind of products. Some businessmen whom I met say that they use cell phones that do not have high-tech feature.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Android Tablet and Ebook Reader

Cheap Android tablet manufactured by Chinese electronic and computer companies are entering the market. They are cheap and can be used as ebook readers. Compared to ordinary ebook reader Kobomini, cheap Tablet PCs that use Android as their operating system are more attractive because they can perform such functions as cell phones, e-book reader, calculator, digital camera and internet browser.
Apple as the largest producer of tablet computer is now loosing its market share, particularly in China and other South East Asian Market where Android Tablet PCs are more affordable to consumers.
A few days ago, I bought a tablet called Maxtron for 165 US dollars. It is a famous brand in Indonesia but unknown in the USA and Canada. The mobile device has got 2 built in cameras, 5MP and 8MP back camera with flash light. The monitor is 7" LCR screen with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution and multi-touch input method. Users of this Tablet can read e-books using PDF viewer or Documents to Go software application that has been installed by in the shop by the cell phone vendor.
The market for such device is booming in this South East Asian region because students and office workers need affordable smartphones that are multi-functional. In addition to reading books and browsing the internet, users can watch analog tv or listen to the radio directly from the device. GPS and A-GPS features are really helpful in helping users position while they are in places new to them. In addition to Maxtron, other Android tablets that are being offered to Indonesian consumers are Mito, Asus, Lenovo and and Acer.
A lot of book lovers prefer Kindle Fire, Kobo or Sony Ebook Reader as their favorite reading devices.

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