Thursday, March 6, 2014

Store Lay Out and Impulse Buying

I was watching several supermarket psychology videos in about store entrances, lay-out and impulse buying. Store owners usually design the lay-out of the shelves and the display of the merchandise in a way that allows people to walk through most of products in the store and specific goods that they want to sell more. The lay-out of the shop will greatly affects the number of goods which people will buy. People who walk through certain products may purchase goods that they did not plan to buy when they were still at homes. This unplanned decision is also called impulse buying or impulse purchase. Another approach that retailers use to sell certain products to customers is by putting them on the shelves or tables near the cashiers. All of the customers who walk to the cashier area will see these products and may decide to buy them.
Impulse buying can also be increased by inside marketing strategy. Banners that exhibit new electronic products can be placed at the entrance of the stores to attract the attention of customers.
In terms of online stores, banner ads and text links can be put on website area that is called above the fold. This is the area in the website which visitors can see directly when opening the sites without have to move the scroll bar of the computer or tablet. To enhance the advertisement performance, the banners can be designed with combination of moving texts and images. The use of Adobe Flash software for designing the ads will yield in attractive banner ads that can increase impulse buying of an online store.

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