Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Bookstore

The Bookstore is a title of a novel written by Deborah Meyler. It tells the journey of personal discovery of Esme Garland. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean from London, this independent girl received a prestigeous scholarship to study art history at Columbia University. Happily settling in New York, this smart girl had a 2-week encounter with a wealthy and good looking New Yorker Mitchell van Leuven. He was a teacher in a private bookstore. It turned out to be a bad decisions. He was enchanted by Esme but not in love with her. Mitchell left Esme as she was on the brink of telling him about her pregnancy.
She had to find a job to support her life and her child. She got a job at a secondhand bookstore - The Owl.
This is a gorgeous novel well researched and beautifully written by the author. This easy to read book is not only about love story of Esme but also about the love of books and the struggle of the bookstore owner trying to survive. Deborah's description about New York City, the Owl and the book lovers who frequent the bookstore was fantastic. Reading this, we could imagine a small bookstores filled with shelves on the walls and feel the smell of the books. 

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