Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to Manage Bookstore

Running a bookstore whether it is a brick and mortar or online shop is similar to running other retail stores. In general, a small bookstore can have a collection of thousands of book titles whose quantity, authors and category have to be stored in a good database management system, A customer who enters a bookstore may ask certain title from a shopkeeper whether it is available or not.
This Database Management System in online store is available for purchase or download on the internet. Server based shopping cart application such as VPASP, ZENCART. Most of this Ecommerce software can be customized by bookstore owners if they want to share their books online.
For brick and mortar bookstores, the use of POS that is connected with records of inventory and cash register increase the operational efficiency of the bookselling business.
How a bookstore is managed determines the success and failure of the business. In the internet era where millions of ebooks can be read and downloaded, the survival of a brick and mortar bookstore is becoming more difficult. Bookstore owners must think of selling their books online to get more customers or loose the competition and kicked out of the business.
Another way of getting more customers is implementing proactive marketing. Spreading leaflets to residential areas about newly arrived books and sending emails to old customers about books that are relevant to their interest can be an effective strategy to increase sales.
Although books can now be read using ebook readers and tablets, a lot of people still like to hold physical paper and the ink smell of the printed papers.

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