Bookstore Software

Every modern bookstore needs a number of software to operate efficiently and properly. Without the help of computer technology, a bookstore will not be able to compete in the bookselling market. To give you an idea about the types of software that you need to run a bookstore, I will divide the description based on several usage categories.
POS Software
This is a kind of software that is used or installed inside the cash register machine or cashier computer to handle transactions with customers. Retail stores depend on POS software to accelerate the purchase transaction accurately and to get detailed report about the amount of money that they can make during the whole day operation of the bookstore. POS Software and Inventory control is part of  merchandise DBMS of a bookstore. Check on the internet about the availability of various packages of POS software for bookstore operation.
Shopping Cart Software for Online Bookstore
When the operation of the bookstore is for selling books online, then a shopping cart technology should be adopted. There are a number of free e-commerce software that can be installed directly from web-hosting that provide fantastico such as OS Commerce and ZenCart. CMS software such as wordpress and Joomla also have shopping cart plug-ins for those who want to expand their websites by selling goods online.  Windows based computer users can buy shopping cart software such as VPASP for their online bookstore.

Office software for a bookstore
The word administration that I mean here is the operation of bookshop that includes correspondences with other business partners, calculation of budget or wages for employees, and presentation purposes. There are some excellent office software applications that are available on the market. Microsoft Office (word, excel, Access, Publisher and Power Point ) is the most famous windows based office software in the world right now. While Microsoft Office is a perfect tool for book keeping and accounting matters, publisher is highly needed when we want to create colorful brochure as a good promotional tool for our products and services. But they are not the only software that are available on the market. If you don't want to spend money on expensive software, you can try a free office package such as They are free and can be downloaded directly from the internet.
Database Management System (DBMS)
Actually DBMS is an integral part of an Office Software but sometimes people who work in database department of a bookstore needs special skills. The famous software for this purpose is Access, MySQL and Foxpro. The database software from is Base. Before purchasing or downloading a database, you need to know the initial concept of how the data in your bookstore will be gathered, manipulated and used.
There are still a lot of other software that we might need to run a bookstore but the above ones are the most recommended software for a successful operation of the bookstore both the brick and mortar and click and mortar enterprise.

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