Online Bookstore

In this page, I am going to explain a little bit about online bookstore business. Bookshops in general can be divided into two types, i.e. the brick and mortar shop and the click and mortar shop - or the combination of them. Running an online bookstore is the cheapest way to sell books. But it is not the easiest one. Today, there are thousands of people who try to make money online buy selling books. To do this they need e-commerce software that has the shopping cart capability.
From my personal experience, I started my online book selling business in around 2003. At that time I used Microsoft Frontpage an html editor that can speed up the process of making a website. Website owner does not need to know anything about html language that is too complicated for those who just want to have an online presence. Then, I opened Xavier bookstore in - a blog hosting platform. Because it is not really an e-commerce software, it can only be treated as catalog of books. Although the catalogue cannot provide shopping cart capability, it really works well until now. People order books by filling out a form with titles of books that they want to order.
Now the online bookstore has been upgraded with a powerful shopping cart technology. You can check it here Toko Buku Online Sapphire. The online bookshop is powered by ZenCart - a free open source shopping cart technology that can be installed directly from a webhosting that offers Fantastico facility.
If you plan to build an online store, you need to check whether the webhosting package that you pay has Fantastico or not. Inside the package, you can install OS Commerce, ZenCart or Shopping cart plug ins from Joomla CMS. Shopping cart software is not only suitable for online bookstore but also for all kinds of retail stores that want to have an online presence on the internet.
Other important features that online store owner need to study when starting an online store are payment gateway system and shipping cost calculation method. These two complicated matters have to be solved before you start selling products online. The fast solution for online payment system is by having an account in Paypal. And the easiest way to perform automatic shipping calculation is by multiplying certain percentage of of shipping cost with the price of a product or books ordered by a customer.

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