Xavier Bookstore Art Division

In an effort to empower the indigenous Papuan artists, Xavier bookstore of Manokwari Papua has launched a new product category which we call Art Division. The products which we sell from this category are original paintings and their reproduction in the form of printed paintings, postcards and bookmarks. For postcards, the main customers are foreign tourists whereas for bookmarks, the school students.
Xavier Bookstore have been working on the empowerment of local Papuan artists to support the creation of alternative jobs for indigenous Papuan people living nearby the tropical rainforest of Manokwari city of the Province of West Papua. Although all of the artworks and culture stories of the Papuan artists have not been presented in this blog, staff of Xavier bookstore have opened and run blogs and website (Painting and Drawing from Papuan Artists and Manokwari Travel Guide, as well as the Diary of Manokwari Travel Guide dedicated to promote ecotourism.
Activites of Papuan art promotion is done daily as the another priority of Xavier bookstore's existence in Manokwari city of Papua. Officially, Xavier bookstore of Manokwari city is not under the authority of the Roman Catholic church. But we do respect and serve the market demand for Catholic books by providing books that are published by Catholic Publishers in Indonesia such as Kanisius and Percikan Hati of Seminari Pineleng of Manado city in North Sulawesi.
Books that Xavier bookstore sell are categorized into the following categories, i.e.: school text books (from pre-school to elementary school up to senior high), medical textbooks as well as traditional medicines, religious books (Protestant, Catholic as well as Islam), Agriculture, Law and Economics, Architecture, Language, Computer, and Fictions.
We have thousands of titles which we have not promote on this blog. Because most of our online customers are from Indonesia, most of the titles have been promoted in our Indonesian language blog Toko Buku Xavier.
Some of the profit that we obtain from bookselling will be allocated to the empowerment of the local people through the promotion of ecotourism in Manokwari Papua.
We hope that our presence in this city will bring positive impact in the improvement of the quality of life and intellectuallity of the Papuan people as well as raise the standard of living of the Papuan artists who live near the rainforest of Table Mountain. Through such empowerment, we hope that we can participate in global campaign of preserving the rainforest which is the "lung of the earth." The lung that absorbs our CO2 emmission and release clean oxygen back into the atmosphere. 
After running the art division for nearly six months, Xavier bookstore has seen positive responses from the artists, the NGOs and foreign tourists who have come to Papua to enjoy the beautiful nature of this island. Many, after buying the artworks, have recommended the postcards to their friends. Most of the tourists who buy postcards in our bookstore come from the Netherlands and another European country such as Norwegia.
West Papua used to be a Dutch colony until 1962. A lot of Dutch lived in this beautiful tropical island. Now after retiring from work, they have much time to spend in Papua island. A one of two week vacation which they experience in Papua brings up to good old days memories in their art. The beautiful nature of Papua island will always live in their heart. And the artworks that they bought from us will be memorable experience which they brought to Europe, the land of where great artists thrive. Papuan artworks present in the homes of these Dutch Papuans will always strengthen the emotional ties between the Dutch people and the Papuan people. by Charles Roring

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